Friday, May 20, 2016

The Secret Recipe to a Highly Successful SEO Campaign

Do you have an online business or are you planning on starting one? Do you want to improve your website’s search engine results ranking? Can’t afford to pay someone to optimize your website for you? Why not do it yourself? 

But let’s face it, search engine optimization can be daunting. You need to familiarize yourself with web design, as well as, content writing. Even the most experienced SEO consultants can sometimes find it mind-boggling and at times find the task tedious. SEO is constantly changing and evolving so there’s no perfect recipe. What’s good now may no longer be useful a few months later. Also, it’s better to focus on organic SEO instead of inorganic SEO which yields instant but short-term results.

To get you started, you first need to have a truly good product or service. If you’re not selling anything and your website focuses more on sharing information, it needs to have high quality content. If you can’t be proud of it, don’t expect others to like it. 

Speaking of high quality content, there are a lot of ways you can ensure this. First, highlight what makes your product a good one. What are its features and benefits? How is it used? What is it for? It will be a good idea to come up with a guide about your product, too. Add in some pictures or images with the instructions. Finally, it will help draw more people to your site if you have research to back up your product. For example, if you are selling products from various essential oils, you may also want to post articles supporting the benefits of those essential oils. You also need to have the willingness to learn. There are online tutorials that can help you for free or if you have some cash to spare, you can also sign up for formal training or attend various seminars. Following respected blogs or websites that are trusted for knowing all the latest updates and tricks can help enhance your knowledge as well.

It also makes sense to know about the industry you are in. Keep up with your competition and always watch out for the latest trends, breakthroughs and discoveries; whatever industry you are in, be it cosmetics, healthcare, or entertainment.

Next, you need to have a basic understanding of how keywords work. You know those terms you enter in the search engine when you’re looking for something? These helps search engines narrow down their search to bring the user the most relevant results. This is why those keywords are important. They tell search engines and its users what your website has to offer. You should be aware of which ones you’re targeting, be it short terms or long tail keywords.

A good social signal is a must as well. Enter social media marketing. This is a no-brainer seeing how social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are so popular. It’s also one of the easiest ways of letting people know about your product and services.

You also need to learn how to collaborate and how to get backlinks. These will not only get you more traffic but it will help you tell search engines that your site is trustworthy as well. The more respected and popular the site your link is in, the stronger the boost you get.

Maintain your reputation by always keeping your site fresh and updated. Let your customers know that you care by always replying to their questions both in your website and in social media. This is one more reason why you should have a useful product or service.

Finally, you need the patience to learn and the perseverance to see your website through. It is not going to happen overnight and you will have to put in a lot of time and hard work before you see the fruits of your labor. If you have these qualities, then that’s already half the battle.